Health Tip: Gelatin

Health Tip: Gelatin

🔅 Did you know that gelatin was one of the primary treatments for celiac disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, diabetes and even cancer!?

Gelatin is an amazing source of protein for most people.

Some of its top benefits include:

– Improves digestion by drawing gastric juices to itself
– Helps joint and cartilage health since it contains supportive proteins
– Heals intestinal track by coating and calming irritation and inflammation
– Contains a wonderful amino acido profile… No tryptophan, which can be inflammatory in too high of doses, and instead contains beneficial proline and glycine

Tip: Consume 1 TB of gelatin every time you consume animal protein such as fish, chicken and steak to decrease inflammatory response. Or consume 1 TB in your morning and evening team to boost overall health and even surpress appetite since it’s filling.

I like the Great Lakes Unflavored Beef Gelatin and the Bernard Jensen’s Gelatin.
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