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(Organic & WaterProof) Perfect Organic Solution For Thinning Hair!!!
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If you have thinning hair, we have one question for you,
Have you tried HairCubed ?
Organic HairCubed is a safe, natural and undetectable way to improve the appearance of thinning hair without harmful drugs, chemicals or surgery. “Hair Cubed” is a concoction of organic microfibers that come as a spray aiding those with thinning hair or any type of hair loss problem. Hair Building Fibers are made from pure organic Keratin Protein the same protein found in human hair. These tiny microfiber hairs are electro-statically charged to form a magnetic attraction with your existing hair – however thin – and blend perfectly to conceal the appearance of thinning and balding in seconds. With Twelve color-matched fiber choices available, you can conceal thinning hair on any natural hair color from snow white to jet black and every shade in between. A few shakes and spray of HairCubed above your thinning areas will disperse thousands of tiny hair-like fibers that will match your existing hair color, and bond with your own hair to conceal thinning and create a more natural looking, thicker, fuller head of hair. “Hair Cubed” will stay in the hair and will not come out even with water (Water Proof) , rain, wind or sweat. The only way to get the Fiber HairCubed spray out is to use some type of detergent (shampoo).

Find your Color Match:
12 Color Choices: Simply choose the color closest to your existing hair for undetectable blending. With eight colors available, it’s so easy to conceal your thinning: Black, Jet Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Hazel, Ash Blond, Blond,
Light Blond, Gray, Silver-White

Directions on Usage:
Using the custom container, simply shake well and spray over your thin areas. The organic fibers will naturally intertwine with your own hair to make it look thick and full in less than 30 seconds. HairCubed fibers look natural and cannot be detected no matter how close you look. They will never run, smear or stain, and are proven to withstand wind, rain(Water Proof), and even perspiration. They will stay in place all day and night until you shampoo them out.

Application Instructions:
1. Shampoo hair, use a good conditioner and allow to dry completely.

2. Using a wide toothed brush or comb, brush hair thoroughly, select area to be thickening and brush or comb hair upwards, holding it in this position.
3. Shake can well and spray thickener across the base of the thinning hair (not directly onto the scalp) until sufficient coverage is achieved.
4. When hair is completely dry, style it to your liking. Do not be afraid to brush your hair. When styling is completed use Light hold HairCubed hair spray (we recommend the use of sealer + control).
This will return the natural look to your hair.
Allow to dry completely.

Hair conditions:
Conditions of use HAIR CUBED Thickening spray is suitable for many hair conditions:
•Fine and/or Thinning hair
•Small areas of hair loss
•General hair Thinning after pregnancy or illness
•Alopecia Arcata patients
•Hair Cubed Thickening spray has been medically recommended for use by hair transplant clients

Are your bald spots showing?
Recommended by Doctors Hollywood Product – Say goodbye to the sweep and the comb-over! If you are experiencing thinning hair and are looking for a natural, simple solution, give HairCubed a try. Its safe and easy to use, and its a great non-surgical alternative. The Travel Size is the perfect way to try the product for a few days – youll see a natural, thicker looking head of hair (without chemicals!) in seconds and youll never have to worry about detection.


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