Hair Loss Treatments HomeCare Female Pattern Thinning Part 3

Hair Loss Treatments HomeCare Female Pattern Thinning Part 3

Hair Loss Treatments HomeCare Female Pattern Thinning Part 3

So you have done your Scalp Brush Therapy, cleansed your scalp a minimum of 2 times with a Scalp Cleanser, applied your Scalp Tonique (Scalp Freeze) to open follicle openings, washed your hair with a prescriptive hair enhancing Hair Shampoo and closed the hair cuticle with a prescriptive Hair Repair Hair Conditioner. Towel dry the hair. While your scalp is still ‘freezing’ from the Scalp Tonique, you need to apply Microneedle Therapy with your Scalp Roller. I suggest you focus on the front area of the scalp where most hair loss and hair thinning is more advanced than other areas of the scalp. It is easy to do, you just need a bit of practice. Roll 3-4 times up and back of a parting, holding the hair out of the way. Take 1cm sections, and work from the middle of the head, to the right ear, back to the middle, then down to the left ear. Microneedle Therapy creates many tiny channels in the scalp skin which will enhance the absorption and effect of topical hair treatment products such as Activance and Minoxidil. Microneedle Therapy also creates a natural healing process, by stimulating the cell to produce an ‘injury reaction’ which begins a healing process including the production of collagen,it is all good and totally natural.
By the way, Microneedle Therapy does not hurt, it is however, a bit unusual in the beginning, but like most things, we get used to it over time.
Microneedle Therapy should take no more than 3-5 minutes and should only ever be performed after Scalp Cleansing. Do not use everyday if you are not Scalp Cleansing everyday. Most clients do the HomeCare Scalp Preparation for hair loss treatment every 2-3 days for a minimum of 40 days in the beginning of treatment. Don’t share your Microneedle, it is a medical devise to be used for one person only.
Yours in Healthy Hair,
Carolyn Evans I.A.T. Trichologist
Absolique Hair Health Clinic



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