Hair Loss Review | Hair Loss Treatment case study | Dr Batra's®

Hair Loss Review | Hair Loss Treatment case study | Dr Batra's®

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair fall reviews of Dr Batra’s® have always been useful for other patients suffering from similar problems. This woman has been experiencing hair fall for a long time. In the case of this woman, there was hair fall leading to female pattern baldness. Also known as alopecia diffusa, the female pattern baldness is a common result of hair loss in women. Illustrated by diffuse loss of hair from the scalp, there is a bulk of the hair damage that is being done due to hormonal changes.

Getting hair loss treatment from past 3 months, this woman has recovered from hair loss quickly without any side-effects. From 200 strands a day, the hair fall has reduced down to 60 strands. She has felt a lot of development in the growth of her hair too with no other signs of additional effects like dandruff or dry scalp.

At Dr Batra’s®, we have successfully used uncommon homeopathic remedies in hair loss cases. There have been some excellent results and satisfied patients those who have recovered from the hair loss treatments. The productive use of these remedies and cure come from the vast experience and knowledge of our doctors. There are a lot of reasons for hair fall. People who have genetic issues, hormonal changes, and poor nutrition mostly get affected with hair fall. Reviews of Dr Batra’s® hair fall treatments have always been helpful for other patients. Many people who have not recovered from other treatments and medications will benefit from Dr Batra’s® Homeopathic treatments. It is proved in the international clinical studies that people in the age group of 20 to 49 years have seen maximum hair fall. Improper intake of protein and green vegetables can also lead to hair fall and related problems. We at Dr Batra’s® take note of all the reviews of various patients and their families. Also, we have successfully treated more than 7 lakh hair loss cases with the winning combo of Homeopathy, Trichology, and Technology. Assuring safe, secure and effective hair loss treatment, Dr Batra’s® have advanced diagnostic techniques to ensure satisfied patients.

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