Hair Loss Natural Treatments The Hair Cycle

Hair Loss Natural Treatments   The Hair Cycle

Hair Loss Natural Treatments – The Hair Cycle

Hair Loss Natural Treatments should begin with an understanding and examination of the hair cycle. ‘Hair Health Check’ is a service at Absolique Hair Health Clinic that will examine and explain the hair cycle and your hair cycle and how this will impact hair loss treatments.

The functioning of the human body and growing hair are the result of cellular division. Cells need certain things to function, when these things are taken away, disturbed or imbalanced it can affect how the cell divides. This can reflect in how the hair grows and the hair cycle.

Providing the body with the right environment and nutrition will allow the cells to function normally and in turn grow healthy hair. Combination therapy is always best when fixing the hair cycle and the hair cell with Hair Loss Natural Treatments.

As nutrition is in most cases no longer in the food, it is recommended to use trusted supplements for the first 4 months of Hair Loss Natural Treatments.

The following are required by the body on a daily basis:
• pH balance
• 60 – 70 Essential Minerals
• Essential Fatty Acids
• Antioxidants
• All of the Fat Soluble and Water Soluble Vitamins

With proper nutrition all the bodies’ normal functions should return along with normal hair growth. In the case of Female Pattern Thinning and Male Pattern Thinning related to Dihydrotestosterone DHT, nutrition will help to overcome the free radical effect of DHT however additional Hair Loss Treatments may be required in combination therapy.

To learn more about Hair Loss Natural Treatments and the hair cycle or to book your ‘Hair Health Check’ with Trichologist, contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic by email or call reception on 07 3229 3242.


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