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Hair Loss In Women Is A Nightmare – Marlton NJ – 856-988-1700 Hair loss in women is an emotional nightmare. It threatens self-image and confidence. The women’s hair loss experts at Aesthetic FX in Marlton, NJ – 856-988-1700 – specialize in finding a personalized, private and affordable solution.

Video Transcript:
Hair loss in women is a nightmare. Hi, I’m Paula Kryszewski, one of the founding members of the Client 1st Alliance of Independent Hair Replacement Centers. As women, we grow up seeing our hair as a critical part of our self-image. So hair loss in women is a very big deal.

If you’re troubled right now about hair loss, thinning or extra-fine hair…whatever the cause… you want a solution… and you want it NOW. But there are so many salons out there promising the best hair replacement solutions — from hair pieces to hair extensions to volume treatments for thinning hair.

So how do you pick a salon with the confidence that they’re truly knowledgeable, experienced and focused on what’s best for YOU and your unique needs… as a woman… as an individual? Cookie-cutter solutions aren’t what you’re looking for.

After more than 20 years working for salons where the client didn’t always come first, I’d just had enough. And 5 years ago, together with my current business partner, Ruthanne McGowan, who had the same experiences and frustrations I had, we opened our own salon, Aesthetic FX, in Marlton, NJ near Philadelphia.

At last we could do hair replacement OUR way… with a totally individualized, client-first approach unlike any other. Now, after 5 years liberated from the constraints of traditional salon policies, we have clients who travel hundreds of miles for our totally unique level of personalized service.

See for yourself. Client 1st service is all about YOU.

Aesthetic FX
600 Route 73 N. Suite 5A
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