Hair Loss For Men: This Hair Loss Treatment Can Stop Hair Loss For Men

Hair Loss For Men: This Hair Loss Treatment Can Stop Hair Loss For Men Here’s where you can get one of the best hair loss treatments

Hi Rudy Silva, The Natural Nutritionist. In this video I what to tell you about how you can avoid hair loss now and as you age, but first I have a confession to make. I lost most of hair before I became a nutritionist.

It happened when I was under a lot of stress at my job and I was not eating a nutritious diet. My hair started falling out one day and it continued for two weeks, until it had thinned out quite a bit.

I was devastated and couldn’t believe what was happening. I was depressed and ashamed to go to work. People would see how much hair I had lost and my appearance was changing. I really didn’t know what to do.

I’m 71 now and here is what I look like. I tell you all this because I don’t want you to go through the trauma that I went through. After I became a nutritionist, I started to research how to grow hair. Growing hair is hard to do, except in certain situations.
I wrote a nutrition book on how to stop hair loss. And, I found a product that I should have been taking when I started to lose my hair. But I was not even aware of this product or even aware of what to do.

Profollica For Men’s Hair Loss

Here is the product I like, because it’s has a two step process. It provides capsules with all natural nutrients, which feed your hair internally. It has a gel that you rub into your scalp as a scalp treatment. Both of these step attack the formation of DHT.
Here Is Why Profollica Works

I also like this product because it has what is called, “Trichogen”, which is known as one of the best hair loss treatments that helps break down and block DHT. It is DHT that causes hair loss in many men and women. Because it contains more natural ingredients, which helps hair loss, it is better than the drug MINOXIDIL.

The Trichogen stimulant brings more blood to your scalp and gives your hair the needed amino acids for faster hair growth.

Trichogen consist of 4 nutritional component:
Sulfopeptides, Amino-acids, Aminosaccharide
Vitamins of B group, Zinc salt, Silicone and quaternium

This is one of the secrets that makes Profollica work.

Bonus Hair Loss Treatments e-book

I want to do something special for you, When you buy Porfollica I’m going to include Free my e-book called, HAIR LOSS FOR MEN AND WOMEN. When you purchase Porfollica, I will get a notice of sale and will send you my e-book right away. Or you can contact me.

You can go to this website to discover more about my hair loss treatment e-book,

This is really a great offer. Get the vitamins and herbs you need to help you eliminate your hair loss and get information on additional nutrients and diets that you can use to make sure you don’t lose hair.

Here’s what you need to do to stop hair loss,

Start taking the Profollica capsules.
Then use the Gel stimulant, Trichogen
Discover other nutritional supplements from my e-book that stop hair loss.
Find out what natural remedies you can use from my e-book

There you have it. Use this information and stop your hair loss now. It would have been nice if I had this hair loss system many years ago. Thank you for watching this video,
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