All about hair loss!

My tips and tricks:

– Make sure you getting the right nutrition
– Make sure your getting your labs done, remember you can be fine and then become deficient so keep up on that!
– Take a supplement for hair and nails (IE Biotin, B complex vitamin, folic acid, insositol)
– Take it easy on your hair, don’t over-style it and try not to pin it up or put it in a pony tail.
– Take care of it, condition it well and don’t use harsh chemicals on it like die or relaxer.
– Get some cute head bands for the interm!

This is a small excerpt I got from

Q: Why is there hair loss after Gastric Bypass Surgery?
A: Some hair loss is unavoidable, usually starting in the third month after surgery, but is only temporary and fully resolved by the sixth to ninth month post-op. With proper nutrition, it is rare for a patient to have thinner hair a year after surgery than the amount they had before surgery. Some patients have fuller and healthier hair because the body’s hormone balance has improved with weight loss. The medical term for hair loss is trichatrophia. It occurs partly in response to having had a major surgery and exposure to anesthesia, as well as the sudden calorie and protein deprivation experienced just after surgery. Hair follicles have a three month life cycle. The hair follicles that were born on the day of your surgery inside your scalp, working their way outwards over three months, were born unhealthy and will fall out, leaving an empty socket until the next hair follicle emerges in the same spot.

Do not over eat protein calories thinking this will prevent hair loss. It will not work, and you will be setting a bad precedent for yourself. As pouch capacity increases, calorie intake increases. At first, the capacity of the pouch is so small that a patient can lose weight no matter how often they eat during the day. By eating often and in ever increasing amounts, you may unwittingly increase your total calorie intake to the point where you exceed the number of calories you require for weight maintenance, let alone weight loss. Your long term weight loss might not proceed as far as it could have if you train yourself to eat frequently. Hair loss is only temporary. Bad eating habits can become permanent.

You can minimize hair loss by taking biotin (a vitamin supplement) or primrose and flaxseed oil capsules; using a mild, protein based shampoo; reducing the number of times you wash your hair per week to prevent drying your scalp, styling the hair to reduce tension and strain at the roots (perhaps going shorter to ease pulling); and having a short suspension of hair-coloring, braiding, weaving, and chemical processing to give the hair a rest. Consider this as an opportunity to try something new! By this point, given your weight loss at three months, it is a great time to try a new style that you might never have tried before when your face was fuller and your neck was heavier. A whole new you can emerge!


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