Hair growth treatment and shampoo OTC

Hair growth treatment and shampoo OTC

Have you seen my VIRAL video?

I have female pattern hair loss. I heard about an over the counter treatment that supports follicles and hair growth and when I saw they carry it at ULTA I was thrilled! The treatment supports nutrient blood flow to the hair follicle.The shampoo supports the strength of the hair shaft. I am continuing to take my daily vitamins, including omega-3 softgels and plenty of water!

UPDATE! 2018! THIS DOES NOT WORK! I HAVE YET TO FIND ANYTHING THAT PROVIDES A CURE TO HAIR LOSS. the only thing that has helped sslow the process is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I eat and drink healthy and take daily vitamins.

Toppik hair building fibers:

A little background about me:

Hi! My name is Joanne. I am 42 years old, and for 12 years I was a very lonely divorced single mom of a now 16 year old son.
I spent my twenties and thirties taking different career paths working hard to make ends meet and basically survive. I used to be a kitchen and bath designer, and a commercial and residential insurance claims adjuster,
and now i’m a nurse.
Today I am happily remarried and received two teen twin stepdaughters, and I birthed a boy at age 39 (almost 40). My toddler was recently diagnosed with mild Autism.
He is speech delayed and I am working with him to get better daily!
My family definitely keeps me busy, and throw a YouTube channel on top of that! Oh and did I mention that i’m in menopause and have genetic hair loss?
I don’t let that stop me from being free and full of hope!
My channel is just getting started. I have many plans. This channel is growing and getting better!

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