Greyhound trainer suspended for animal cruelty after killing dog on video

Greyhound trainer suspended for animal cruelty after killing dog on video

A Connecticut woman had a nightmare in February when her 16-year-old dog attacked her and died.

At the time, the Connecticut State Police investigated the dog’s death and called the incident a case of “animal cruelty.” But a judge sided with the dog’s owners on Tuesday, saying the mother of the dog was right to claim that a dog had bitten her child for being a bitter dog.

Jasmine Jones is now a free woman, court records show, despite having to serve two months in a juvenile detention center where she is prohibited from being around children. The judge also suspended her from dog-toting for 14 days.

A Connecticut State Police spokesman said his agency did not comment바카라 게임 on individual cases.

“We think it was an act of animal cruelty. We were prepared to do everything within our power to take care of the dog that had died,” said New Haven police spokesman Sgt. James Smith.

Jones told WBZ she wasn’t sorry she hurt her dog, which belonged to her boyfriend, who was with her at the time of the incident.

But she was worried it was the last person she wanted on her side during her trial in late June.

“I didn’t think it was important enough to kill that dog,” Jones told WBZ on Wednesday.

At first, the hearing was held in an Orange County courtroom in Orange County, but in late June, the judge ordered it moved to a federal court in Hartford, the Associated Press reports.

During a hearing in March, a female juror asked if there could be a video of the incident. When the officer pointed to a video with the word “rape” written across it, she told the judge that the police were looking for those who had filmed it.

After hearing testimony about how Jones threate호 게임ned to commit suicide with the dog she had brought home from her friend’s home two years earlier, the judge ordered that video be handed over, too.

In February, Jones was convicted of animal cr포커uelty and battery causing great bodily injury to the dog, and was sentenced to 30 days in a Hartford custody facility. The charges against Jones have not been changed.


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