Former councillor to enter submission into broken relationship with ex-wife

Former councillor to 시흥출장샵enter submission into broken re진주안마lationship with ex-wife

She also says she has received a lot of death threats after s해운대출장안마he disclosed their situation to the police

Ms Minto was married for almost 50 years before his death, before their eldest daughter, Katie, was born two years ago

Ms Minto, 36, married David Haddadi, 61, on December 7 last year, although the couple divorced a year later, when Katie was eight months old.

She says she is still struggling to understand why Mr Haddadi sent her text messages on the day he killed her.

Mr Haddadi, her husband and her daughter have each made separate application for divorce and now Ms Minto is entering a submission into her own divorce.

Ms Minto, of Luton, was one of six lawyers seeking to be granted leave to claim damages and legal costs from the family of Mrs Haddadi.

Her solicitor says she will meet the judge at a public hearing later this week.


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