Fire at purnululu forces evacuation of people

Fire at purnululu forces evacuation of people

A police officer with the army’s 4th Infantry Battalion, which was posted at the main station, said security forces were evac충주출장안마uating people from the building after “a situation arose in the building” during a meeting at around 4pm local time.

“There was a disturbance and we came to the conclusion that there should be an emergency exit.”

The army officer said the evacuation was voluntary and did not involve any threats to the community.

A spokesperson for the city government said in response: “We have received reports about a disturbance in the public area of the city government buildings, but as no threats were made at present, nothing can be done at the moment.

“We hope there will be no trouble in that area in the coming days.”

The incident occurred when riot police in riot gear approached the conference centre of the opposition Syriza party after the party staged protests outside the buildings on Wednesday afternoon.

A number of clashes followed, with protesters throwing rocks and firebombs at riot police while shouting pro-austerity slogans outside the hotel.

Protesters, however, have been unable to stop the central European city government building from being closed.

In a statement, Mr Salim Aboulafia, a Syriza leader who has been in power since September last year, said the building was being “used and sold as a base for political attacks” in preparation for further protests.

The centre, which sits on land that was occupied by the state during the 1970s and 1980s, 부천출장안마also hosts a conference hall for journalists, activists and academ천안출장안마 천안출장샵ics.

“No violence has taken place and we have the support of the police in the ongoing crisis,” he added.

At the weekend police arrested a Syriza MP and party official in the centre, sparking further clashes after they disrupted a meeting between members of the public and Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotzias at the conference centre.

It followed protests at the building during which people called for the cancellation of the conference and even for an evacuation.

The centre, on a 200-metre road running parallel to the port where an estimated 35,000 workers are employed, has seen many protests over the years against the state’s treatment of its people.


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