Female Hair Loss Treatments

Female Hair Loss Treatments

Female Hair Loss Treatments

Absolique Hair Health Clinic are pleased to share with you the results from another successful 4 month program following combination therapy Hair Loss Treatments.

History: Female client 33 reporting 18 years of hair loss and hair thinning. Family history of female pattern thinning and Hashimoto’s disease (underactive thyroid) and health history of low iron.

Combination Therapy Female Hair Loss Treatments addressed the individual problems:
• The resulting damage to the hair is diffuse with thinning hairs and dormant hair follicles with the addition of early onset of female pattern thinning (FMPT)
• All hairs were alive with no permanent damage but required combination therapy including topical for the hair cycle and FMPT and nutritional therapy for cellular correction
• Body balance and to protect against the binding of DHT
• The first 4 months are the hardest with the most amount of work required to correct the hair cell and hair cycle
• Maintenance Home Hair Loss Treatments are required to continue to see results and achieve full recovery and is best tracked every 6 months with Scope Sessions

Absolique Hair Health Clinic use and recommend Natural Hair Loss Treatments constantly proving it is never too late or too soon to address Women’s hair loss.

More information: Hashimoto’s and low iron were under control with help of GP but the hair had not recovered. This is common when the hair cell has been damaged in the past and is no longer producing the genetic hair type. The hair is still growing but not as it should due to changes to DNA in hair cell and disruption of the hair cycle with DHT (dihydrotestosterone) also present.



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