Female Hair Loss Treatment

Female Hair Loss Treatment

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Hair loss has often been associated with men, but a huge portion of the female population also suffer from this condition. Statistics actually show that up 40% of women in America suffer from hair loss.
A woman’s hair is her crown and, women highly regard their hair, which is why it can be catastrophic for them to suffer from hair loss. The idea of going bald can bring about emotional issues and affect the woman’s sensuality as well as how she feels about herself.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to hair loss in women and they range from nutritional deficiencies to genetics and stress amongst others. Treatments such as chemotherapy also bring about side effects such as hair loss. It’s always important that you understand the factors that are contributing to your hair loss which can be medical or lifestyle related. The most important thing is to first identify the cause of the hair loss and learn how hair grows. Once you understand these factors, you will be in a better position to prevent hair loss and create a habitable environment where hair can grow and thrive. Today, we will be highlighting a few ways in which you can prevent hair loss and manage this condition.
Preventing Hair Loss
Hair Care: How you take care of your hair matters a great deal. Unknown to many, our styling techniques contribute greatly to hair loss. Here are some of the hair care techniques you should avoid.
Heat and dry styling: Heat and stylinghave been known to weaken the hair proteins and lead to lifeless, fragile hair that is prone to breakage. While these are one of the simplest ways to straighten hair, they can also be very damaging. The effects can be long term especially if the heated tools burn your scalp. The best way to dry your hair is naturally. Hair experts understand that this is not always practical; so start by minimizing your use of heat drying tools and the amount of heat you use.
Dyeing: Hair dyeing is not just common with those who are greying. Nowadays, a lot of people are keen on dyeing their hair to stay up with the latest trends. With so many so-called safe dyes on the market, many of us assume that there is minimum or no damage caused by dyes. That’s just false advertising. Dyeing your hair should be done only occasionally. Give your hair between 6-8 weeks before you can dye it again. Go for a partial coverage as opposed to full head dyeing. For those of you who are covering up the grey emerging hair, note that greying is much kinder to your hair than dye.
Styling: Styles such as pony tails, braiding and corn rows tend to cause much strain to your hair line. If done frequently, they could lead to hair loss. Twisting your hair with rollers also can contribute to traction alopecia which is a self induced and preventable type of hair loss.
Layering hair styles can also contribute to hair loss. This is because creating the layered effect involves pulling the roots from the scalp which could thin out the hair.
Washing: Washing your hair regularly can prevent hair loss. A healthy scalp is less likely to get infections, hence healthier hair. You can prevent hair loss by avoiding vigorously rubbing of your hair when washing it. Do not comb or brush hair when wet. When untangling your hair use your fingers as opposed to using a comb or brush.
It’s also important to know that protein enhanced hair products do not repair hair damage. They are also not a solution to preventing hair loss since they merely fill in the gaps within the shaft. They also do not increase volume and therefore provide temporary solutions.


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