Facts About Hair Loss In Men And Women – Causes and Treatments

Facts About Hair Loss In Men And Women – Causes and Treatments


Always address any early sign of hair loss as this could lead to a more serious problem. Generally, at the early stage, most hair loss issues can be stopped and prevented from occurring again.

It is also easy to pinpoint which causes the thinning of the hair. Medications, certain medical conditions, pregnancy and genetic are among the most common triggers of hair loss.

For instance, pregnancy results in temporary hair loss because of the hormone changes that is happening during the 9-month period. However, hair growth will be back to normal after giving birth.

Another mostly neglected causes of hair loss are diet and lifestyle. What we feed in our mouth and how we live affects the overall health, and eventually it affect the hair as well.

In fact, stress, anxiety, abusive alcohol consumption, smoking, not having enough rest, etc… lead to hair loss. Not specifically hair loss but overall health. Therefore, these factors must be taken into consideration.

Hair Loss Terms:

ANDROGENIC Alopecia – This is a hair loss occurrence which is caused by genetic. The fact is, 95% of hair loss in men is due to this.

AREATA Alopecia – This makes up the 5% of the hair loss causes which usually occurs because of certain illnesses.


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