Early count shows swing to liberals — but not a landslide

Early count shows swing to liberals — but not a landslide

When Bernie Sanders took over as secretary of state in 2013, he did so with a majority of independent voters — 56 percent. His team, the Sanders campaign, said that as of Wednesday, the total had grown to 64 percent. By comparison, Hillary Clinton’s total of 58 percent was a gain of 9 points.

Clinton’s lead has been growing since then, and her supporters say they’re now closer to Clinton’s total of 60 percent.

“It feels like we’re moving in the right direction,” said Robert Wiesner, 65, who runs an a샌즈 카지노erospace company in Ohio and voted for Trump last year, but says he thinks “there was too much baggage that was on Hillary Clinton and that we just don’t want to be associated with now.” He has been leaning toward Clinton since early 2015, but now says he’ll back Trump.

The most interesting developments in the final two weeks before Election Day:

● Sanders is expanding his lead. He has moved ahead of Clinton by 4 points on average. In all, nearly three-fourths of Clinton’s voters a세종출장샵출장 안마re now in the Democrat’s column, according to Quinnipiac’s poll. And those numbers have expanded, more than double, in the last two weeks.

Some of Clinton’s voters may even be switching sides — and vice versa. If it is true that the race is moving closer, it means her number of independent voters was larger than that of Trump on both the early and post-election stages.

But even if Clinton does wind up leading in the final weeks of the election, Trump’s percentage of independent voters may actually be on the rise.

We’re still not sure what will happen when it comes to the numbers. Polls will often report some variations and show no significant change in Clinton’s support, but there is nothing clear about her trajectory. It’s possible that while Clinton’s popularity with independents continues to soar, Trump’s is not, as some analysts had predicted. Trump won the Republican nomination by increasing his share of independents without increasing his share of those who back the other party.

Here is how we’ve looked at the recent trends

● We’ve seen the race almost completely tighten in the final two weeks of the campaign, and have a pretty good idea what the outcomes might look like.

There have been numerous recent polls in the race, so we’ll use them all to see how the race is changing — for 가평안마both candidates, and for independents. Th


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