Does Tap Water Cause Hair Loss? What about Heavy Metals?

Does Tap Water Cause Hair Loss? What about Heavy Metals?

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In this video you’ll discover why tap water and heavy metals can cause hair loss. You’ll also learn exactly what to do to stop the effects and give your hair the best chance to recovering.

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If you don’t filter your water, you are the filter. So if you drink tap water then your body is essentially filtering out all the organic and inorganic impurities that have been left there or are put into the water on purpose…

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Depending on where you live and the quality of the tap water there, this can mean a gradual build-up of chemicals such as sodium fluoride, which is the active ingredient in rat poison, chlorine and aluminium along with some heavy metals like nickel, lead and cadmium that are far from beneficial to have in the bloodstream.

Sodium fluoride can cause dryness and inflammation in the scalp, speeding up the process of hair miniaturization, so it’s best to avoid this nasty chemical wherever possible.

And limescale (also known as calcium carbonate) which is present in hard water can cause scalp calcification and hair loss.

Drinking plastic bottled water isn’t that much better either since chemicals have been shown to leach into the water through the plastic. The larger the bottle the less severe this is, so avoid small bottles and buy gallon bottles for use at home if you have to, or go for glass.

However, bottled water (natural spring mineral water) is definitely preferable to tap water as you won’t be getting the fluoride.
Luckily there’s an easy way to get water that’s ideal for drinking and that is to use a device that attaches onto the kitchen tap called a Micro-Water Generator.

This device first filters water through an activated charcoal filter to remove larger suspended particles and microbes. The water then enters a chamber which electrolyses the water, drawing the acidic chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and the heavy metals to one side for disposal, and the alkalizing minerals in a now alkaline solution to the other.



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