Does Saw Palmetto Work for Hair Loss?

Does Saw Palmetto Work for Hair Loss?

How effective is saw palmetto for hair loss? Can it really stop hair loss?

Men and women of old age have the tendency of suffering from androgenetic alopecia. The name is due to the fact that the condition is greatly caused by the presence of the hormone testosterone.

When this hormone converts to DHT, anyone can get excessive hair loss no matter what age. Alopecia happens when the hair follicles in the scalp start to shrink.

When someone gets an excess of converted testosterone, they are very prone to losing hair.

A common effective remedy to androgenetic alopecia is saw palmetto. It is a native plant that looks like small berries. They are generally used by Native Americans for food and medicine as far back as a century ago.

There have been records of this plant being used for curing enlarged prostate in men. It has also been used for bladder infections, low sex drive and hair loss.

There is still very little research about saw palmetto being a cure for hair loss, but the results are very promising. It is preferred by many because it is organic or herbal.

One study used an extract saw palmetto enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. The enzyme is responsible for converting testosterone into DHT. When the body has too much DHT, it starts reacting by way of losing hair.

It is also the same probable cause for enlarged prostate. Another study about a cure for enlarged prostate showed that saw palmetto yielded good results.

Since the causes for an enlarged prostate and hair loss are the same, it is probable that saw palmetto can be used as cure for hair loss as well.

It is this connection that earned saw palmetto a spot in the short list of remedies for alopecia. It is also good to note that the active ingredients in the plant work similar to the synthetic ingredients found in hair loss medication.

One unique research to note involved the use of saw palmetto and trichogen vegetable complex. All subjects were men and had been given berry extract to be applied topically on the scalp.

The vegetable complex on the other hand was mixed in. Nearly 50% of the participants had an increase in hair count by 11.9%. This was recorded over a four month period of controlled conditions.

At present, saw palmetto can be used in different forms such as dried berries, tablets, powdered capsules and liquid extracts. Tablets are the easiest to find together with capsules.

There have also been variations such as saw palmetto mixed in tea bags and coffee. However, it is best to drink the extract directly instead of drinking it with beverage.

This is because the active compounds are not water soluble and will only be left behind as residue in the cup.

Saw palmetto is herbal and safe for adults. But, it is not recommended for kids and pregnant/breastfeeding women.

It is best to see your doctor first and check whether saw palmetto is safe for you to use. This helps find out if any of your medications contradict with the supplement.

Experts recommend a daily dose of 320mg divided into two pills. The plant also acts as a blood thinner. Thus, it is not safe to use together with other blood thinning medications like aspirin and warfarin.

Saw palmetto products works similarly with the hair loss medication finasteride. Do not take them together in the hopes of hastening improvement. Choose which works better for your condition after observing the improvement over several months for each type.

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