Do you need to worry about hair fall/thinning when you go vegan?

Do you need to worry about hair fall/thinning when you go vegan?

Watch Neha Ranglani, an integrated nutritionist and health coach answer this question in detail, giving you the secret behind having luscious locks!⁣

Hair loss is mostly the result of our hair follicles not receiving enough nourishment. And animal foods are good sources of protein and iron, which are some of the nutrients essential for hair growth. So it’s a common concern that people have when going vegan.⁣

In a nutshell, the answer lies in eating a BALANCED and unprocessed plant-based diet.⁣

🌱Protein – Hair is made of a type of protein called keratin.⁣
A healthy vegandiet can provide all essential amino acids.⁣
Include foods like Chia seeds; Organic, Non-GMO soy like tofu; Chickpeas; Lentils; Nuts; seeds.⁣

🌱Iron – It helps with nourishing the hair follicles with oxygen. The hair will stay in the growth phase, in contrast to the falling phase, for a longer time, hence improving the density and quality of hair.⁣
Include foods like Garden pressed seeds, Leafy greens, Beetroot, Dates, Nuts and seeds.⁣

🌱Iron is absorbed better with Vitamin C.⁣
Include fruit, specially Citrus fruit like Sweet lime, oranges. Sprinkle your iron-rich greens, salads with lemon.⁣

🌱Biotin (Type of B Vitamin)⁣
Important for growth of keratin (the protein) in hair.⁣
Peanuts, almonds, macadamia, walnuts, avocados, seeds are foods rich in Biotin.⁣

🌱Omega 3 Fatty Acids⁣
They make the cell membrane soft and supple to absorb nutrients, which stands true for our hair follicles too.⁣
Flax seeds, Walnuts, chia seeds etc. are some plant-based sources.⁣
Plant-based Supplements can also be taken, if needed.⁣

The very basic but forgotten by a lot of people – drinking enough water is very important for hair health!⁣
Include Electrolyte-rich beverages like coconut water, herbal teas.⁣
Avoid dehydrating beverages like tea, coffee, colas.⁣

Zinc, Magensium etc. are also micronutrients important for hair health and can be found⁣

A Vegan diet is great for general health and that includes the health of our tresses.⁣

💚 Anti-inflammatory⁣
💚 Alkalizing⁣
💚Good for the gut⁣

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