DANGER of Cheap Transplants – DON’T Take The Risk Guys

DANGER of Cheap Transplants – DON’T Take The Risk Guys

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We all like a bargain, don’t we? But there are some things in life where you don’t want really want to be cheaping out, hair transplants being one of them. Cause guys cheap transplants can go really, really bad. Just how bad? Stay tuned to find out.

0:30 – Introduction
1:12 – ISHRS press release
02:36 – What are the most common issues with hair transplants?
04:05 – Poor hair regrowth
04:46 – Hair plugs
5:30 – Hairline issues
06:12 – Outro

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Welcome to the ISHRS

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So guys in March of last year the British tabloid the Sun, published a story which inspired us to make today’s video.

The story itself was based on a press release by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, or ISHRS.

So this society is a global non-profit medical association, that was founded by qualified hair restoration surgeons all the way back in the 1990s.

Today it’s considered one of the leading transplant authorities worldwide.

We’ve linked to their website and their press release, as well as to the Sun’s reporting of it, in the description below this video.

Now according to the press release, the ISHRS ran an internal poll of its surgeon members. And more than three quarters of members who responded to it, reported that they see at least 6 victims of botched hair transplants in a year.

The demand for transplants in some developing countries is so high, that, the ISHRS is hearing reports of taxi drivers and Syrian refugees posing as surgeons. Guys I am not making this up, it’s in the press release.

The scam clinics in these countries have a sophisticated marketing machine that lures in medical tourists from countries in Europe and North American. The marketing typically includes fake testimonials and paid Google ads, to give the impression of legitimacy.
So what are the most common issues in botched hair transplants?

Well some of these errors are so basic, so fundamental, so blatant, that it defies belief.
For example one of the most common problems is overharvesting of the donor area.

Now the whole philosophy of hair transplants is to remove as few follicles as possible from the donor area of the scalp in the back of the head.

Because there are only so many follicles you can remove before the area thins out noticeably. And your head can never grow out new follicles, so the damage is irreversible.

This is hair transplants 101, so it’s obvious looking at these images that no medical doctor, no matter how incompetent or inexperienced, could have possibly done this. I don’t know if it was a taxi driver or not, but it certainly wasn’t a real surgeon.

Another problem we see in these images is that the area from which follicles are harvested is simply too large. It extends well beyond the so-called safe zone at the back and side of the head. This is an imaginary strip in the back of the head, approximately here.

So the idea of the safe zone is that you’re removing follicles from an area of the head with a genetic resistance to androgenetic alopecia.

Due to this resistance, the follicles are unlikely to miniaturize, even after you transplant them to a balding area.

So it really defies logic to remove follicles outside the safe zone. You’re basically just moving around hair that’s likely to fall out anyway.

Another common problem with botched transplants is poor hair regrowth.

Now if you’ve ever struggled with unwanted hair growth on any part of your body, you’ll know how tough hair follicles are to put down. No matter how much you zap or pull out a hair, it keeps on coming back.

But that’s while the follicles are still under the skin.

Once you pull them out of the scalp to transplant them, they become the most sensitive little things.

So you need to treat them very carefully prior to reinsertion, and they obviously also need to be reinserted properly.

Even with qualified, experienced surgeons, poor hair regrowth can still happen, let alone if you go to a sham clinic.

Another problem we find in botched hair transplants is the use of obsolete technology. This technology is known as punch grafts, or more disparagingly as hair plugs.


This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.


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