Coping with Hair Loss: Hair Restoration Innovations from HairMax

Coping with Hair Loss: Hair Restoration Innovations from HairMax

Hair loss can be devastating. Fortunately, there’s clinically proven treatments for hair loss.

Hairmax pioneers state-of-the-art at-home laser hair regrowth technology.

Studies show low-level laser light regrows hair. But not all hair growth devices get results. Research indicates only a specific laser light intensity regrows hair. HairMax devices deliver that intensity.

The FDA-cleared HairMax LaserBand82 out-performs other hair growth devices with 82 medical-grade lasers.

Notice the laser density placement for maximum hair growth potential.

The curved band features patented hair-parting teeth for unobstructed laser treatment.

Hairmax is easy to use. Three times a week, I move it over the front, middle and back of the scalp.

My experience?

HairMax Laserband 82 is lightweight and comfortable. Treatment is quick and painless.

Studies show an average increase of 129 new hairs per square inch after six months of HairMax use. It also revitalizes damaged hair.

Seven clinical studies and six peer-reviewed medical journals call HairMax a safe and effective treatment for men and women with mild to moderate hair loss.

The HairMax Density Hair Care System treats the scalp and thickens thinning hair.

A liposome delivery system helps a proprietary blend penetrate hair follicles. Research-backed ingredients encourage hair growth. Adenosine ATP energizes cells and extends the hair growth phase. Saw Palmetto blocks DHT. Procapil fights follicle aging and increases hair tissue repair. Caffeine stimulates blood flow. Amla nourishes, promotes growth and de-ages hair.

Stimul8 Shampoo and Exhilar8 Conditioner hydrate the hair and scalp. Clearing dandruff and DHT creates a healthy scalp for hair growth. Stimul8 Shampoo promotes scalp microcirculation. There’s no medicinal scent or residue. Exhilar8 conditioner hydrates my hair and protects against excess breakage.

Acceler8 Hair Booster is a leave-in serum with light-activated ingredients. I apply it to my scalp before HairMax device use.

RSN8 Pro Scalp Treatment treats biological scalp aging. Hair thins with age. Scalp skin requires extra hydration just like mature facial skin. It’s not greasy and my scalp feels healthy.

Using the density system leaves my hair looking healthy and strong.

Vitamin deficiencies can cause hair loss. HAIRMAX Dietary Supplements contain Biotin to help my hair reach the full growth cycle and build keratin. Niacin and other nutrients support a healthy scalp. Saw Palmetto reduces DHT production. I take two a day for optimal growth.

Hair breakage is common with hair loss. Terrycloth bath towels are too harsh for wet hair, they fray the hair cuticle and cause breakage. The HairMax Quick Dry Hair Towel is an absorbent microfiber that’s gentle to hair. It’s lightweight and generously sized at 19” x 52”. It dries curls without frizz by cradling my hair while wicking moisture.

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