Cardinals celebrate mass before papal conclave

Cardinals celebrate mas평택출장안마s before papal conclave.

A former cardinal of the Vatican, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, told Fox News that the current pope isn’t “saying the same thing we said when he came in. He was an activist church, which is what I’ve always believed.”

The most popular story today is not about the upcoming papal conclave, according to Lombardi, but about the ongoing debate inside the church about when, not if, the new pope will be elected.

“[Pope Francis] is very vocal about his faith, it’s not a subtle thing,” Lombardi told Fox News. “But you have people who say, what is his faith, why do you vote for someone who hasn’t committed himself? If you’re voting for someone who is in favor of what you think is the church, we need to go to Mass.”

On Thursday morning, the church held the last Mass before the pope turns 58, when he becomes the longest serving pontiff in the history of the church.

Lombardi said church leaders are hoping that by the time of Sunday evening’s church services, Francis will be voting. In theory, he could be in favor of the election of the next pope, but since there are several candidates on the table, not all are on the same page.

Some are saying there could be an interim pope after the election, according to Italian Archbishop Angelo Banno.

“It’s very possible that the cardinals will call a referendum on one of them, as [Monsignor] Angelo Borgese does now, which could pave the way for a new pogta5카지노pe,” said Lombardi.

However, his comments about the current pope were more critical of Pope Francis’ approach to religion 수원출장마사지 수원출장안마and sexuality in general. He told the Catholic news agency, La Repubblica, that, while he was not a member of the clergy, he felt “there are some things which don’t go well with it, but then others which have to go well,” according to NBC News.

“My question to you is if you can accept those things which don’t go well and try to get around them, or try to go against them, that can work for everybody. We don’t know if that will work, but let’s hope it will,” he said.

Lombardi said there is a lot of talk within the church about what may happen to the old rules and practices and the new ones if Francis is elected. He said the curren