Capillus Hair Loss Patient Notices Results Within 3 Weeks

Capillus Hair Loss Patient Notices Results Within 3 Weeks

Visit to learn more. | Capillus patient Jackie Eckhardt uses the Capillus272 to reverse the signs of hair loss in the privacy of her own home, and she noticed a difference “pretty much right away.” Watch the video below to hear Jackie’s story, and listen as acclaimed hair loss surgeon, Dr. Robert Leonard, explains why the Capillus272 is such a convenient and effective method of treatment for androgenic alopecia (pattern baldness).

—Video Transcript—

Health Check 10: Treating Hair Loss in the Comfort of Your Own Home

[narrator] The FDA recently cleared a home laser treatment, and Home Check reporter Barbara Morse Silva has more.

Jackie Eckhardt is preparing for a hair laser treatment in the comfort of her own home. This retired Spanish teacher says she’s always had thin hair, but 15 years ago, “it became noticeably thinner.”

That’s when she came to see hair loss expert, Dr. Robert Leonard.

“She has typical female pattern hair loss— genetic hair loss,” [explains Dr. Leonard].

Since that time, she’s undergone non-surgical treatments and has had 5 hair transplants, he last one about 5 years ago. But thanks to advances in this field, now all she has to do is dawn this baseball cap. It’s called the Capillus272.

“Capillus is simple. It’s a dome that has 272 laser diodes. It’s the most powerful unit available for home use in the country,” [explains Dr. Leonard]. “This is a bio stimulating laser, which impacts the hair follicle in a very positive way.”

Normally, patients like Jackie would have to come to the office— a half hour each way for her, 40 visits a year— to get this low level laser therapy, which has proven to be very effective. Now she can do things around the house, while she’s receiving therapy.

“90% of people stabilize regression, 50% of people regrow hair,” [says Dr. Leonard].

Jackie wears her laser therapy cap every other day for 30 minutes. She’s been doing this more than a year now. But she says she noticed a difference, pretty much right away. “Within about 3 weeks, my hairdresser noticed,” [recalls Ms. Eckhardt]. “She said, ‘Oh, wow, this is really working!’ The volume, the strength, so the hair is stronger.”

Dr. Leonard says hair transplant surgery creates new hair, it does not prevent future hair loss. And that’s where this low level laser therapy is making a difference. It generally costs less for this take-home unit than for the office visits you’d have to make in a year. So it’s a win-win. This may also be an option for those who are in the very early stages of hair loss.


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