Body Shape Changes During Menopause

Body Shape Changes During Menopause

I hate the body shape changes during menopause.

A lot of that I thought was simply due to the passage of time. We all start to sag a little.

This isn’t just the breasts drooping as they seem to give up in the fight against gravity.

As we age, the connective tissues get weaker. So now that second chin becomes a set of jowls.

I expect that on fat people, not thin ones. And the wrinkles are annoying.

You can lessen that with skin hydration. However, the things that would have prevented it like avoiding tobacco and minimizing sun exposure can’t be done now.

Only with a time machine. I hate the other changes that alter body shape, too.

Like the weight gain? That tends to hit both men and women in their forties.

Now instead of fat on my thighs and butt, now it starts to accumulate around the stomach, too. I’d hate to lose the big thighs only to end up with a beer belly.

You can lessen the problem by losing weight, which is harder as the metabolism slows down. And control alcohol consumption so your fat doesn’t accumulate in front of the liver.

I also hate the slow loss of muscle tone.

Guys slowly lose muscle tone as testosterone levels fall. For women, the loss of muscle tone can seem sudden.

It’s like my muscles are turning to mush.

That’s why you have to work out harder and longer despite the age.

I hope I don’t end up having to replace my knees with all the extra running I need to do.

Try working out on an elliptical to lessen the knee and hip wear and tear. And lifting weights.

I’m not trying to turn into a body builder.

You almost have to start a body building routine to maintain muscle tone after menopause.

Pity I can’t just take the testosterone shots the guys saying they have low-T take.

Now that you’re in menopause, you actually could use testosterone patches to maintain muscle mass. Or estrogen replacement therapy, if you want.


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