Biotin 10000mcg Veg Tablet – Hair Supplement – Supports Hair Growth, Glowing Skin and Strong Nails

Biotin 10000mcg Veg Tablet – Hair Supplement – Supports Hair Growth, Glowing Skin and Strong Nails

Who doesn’t want healthier, fuller, fast growing and great looking hair?

Most of us buy countless expensive body products like shampoos, creams and undergo harsh chemical treatments for our hair and skin.

The nutrients you put into your body are just as important as the product that you put on your body to maintain healthy hair and glowing skin.


The changes which occur as we age, as well as an inadequate diet, stress, hair styling and lifestyle, can all have an impact on the normal health of our hair. In today’s world, it is very difficult to consume all the nutrients you need from food alone. Biotinova helps to supplement your body with Biotin that may be missing from your diet to promote healthy hair growth and a natural volume you can be proud of.


Biotin is a B Vitamin which is also known as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7, is an important nutrient not only for hair, skin and nails but also to help convert food into energy.

* Promotes Healthy Hair, Glowing Skin and Strong Nails.

* Helps support energy metabolism and aids in the conversion of food into energy.

* 100% Vegetarian: Biotinova is a once-daily Vegan Biotin Supplement. Does not contain allergens, artificial colors and flavors, chemical preservatives, gluten, or soy. All ingredients used to manufacture Biotinova are completely Veg and no animal products are used to create this product.

* Huge discounts and best quality: Biotinova is sold directly by the manufacturer to you, thus eliminating all the middle men and providing you with the best product at the best cost.

* Full strength 10000mcg: Biotinova contains 10000 mcg of Biotin as compared to only 5000 mcg offered by many other brands.

So take a step towards healthier hair and glowing skin today. Add Biotinova to your cart now!


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