My name is Alex and I’m from Norway. I had once a diffuse hair loss pattern. If you are not familiar with my story, I began losing my hair in 2003. I didn’t do anything about it until 2008. Picture below is from 2008. It was my low point regarding hair loss. Until then I was avoiding to see the true about my hair loss situation. I finally admitted that I had a problem (I could no longer cover it or comb it) I began to act. I tried as every beginner applying oils to my scalp. Didn’t do anything. Then I got hairmax laser. Also no results. Tried bunch of supplements. Nop, no results whatsoever. Finally made a appointment with a doctor. He smiled and prescribed drug name Propecia.

This was in October 2008. I began taking Propecia. In about 6 months I got good regrowth. I was finally happy. Happy time lasted until 2010. Again cycle repeated I began losing ground. This time it was because of inflammation. I got prescription for cortisone and Nizoral. It helped and I was back on track. But only for few months.

Again my hair loss increased. Most Likely because I stopped using cortisone. (it’s a steroid and short term solution). I began taking some supplements that target inflammation. I also began using topicals (Aloe Vera,masks, etc) I did get some improvement. But it was still a Roller coaster. It wasn’t until second half of 2013 that I was able to put pieces together and get noticeable regrowth.

Since then I have redefined and twisted my regimen. I’m now 5 years into my regimen and I still have full head of hair. Over time there have been other success stories from people who got results from my regimen. Now I have decided to help more men to regrowth hair. I know how devastating it can be. That’s why I offer consulting service. My offer is to work together with you to solve your hair loss problem.
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