BALDING AND MORE! – BALDCAFE 25,000 Subscribers Q&A Special Part 1

BALDING AND MORE! – BALDCAFE 25,000 Subscribers Q&A Special Part 1

Welcome to the 25,000 Subscriber celebratory Q&A
This is part 1 with questions from Instagram.

Time Stamps

00:44 – Is the Bald look getting more popular?
00:58 – How did you decide to help others overcome balding?
01:23 – Would you have reacted differently if you had gone bald younger?
02:20 – Why isn’t there a cure for balding yet?
03:51 – What are the best hair clippers to use?
04:09 – Have you ever thought about cutting your beard?
04:43 – Are you going to bring out any more products?
05:19 – What is your best memory as a bald man?
06:04 – What do I think about SMP?
07:26 – Thoughts on girls who aren’t interested after you shave your head?
07:41 – Would yo have handled balding at 15 well?
08:09 – When you first shaved your head did you feel a difference in the cold?
08:30 – Which is better, Marvel or DC?
08:52 – How quickly did you accept baldness?
09:07 – Did getting a hair transplant or SMP cross your mind?
10:16 – Why did I live in China?
10:27 – Did shaving my head accelerate hair loss?
10:37 – What does Bald Head Butter do?
11:11 – Worst insult I’ve had about being bald.
12:28 – How do you know when it’s time to shave?
13:04 – Is SMP a good option?
13:10 – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
13:48 – How is my new job?
14:37 – Is it normal to get bumps after 1 days growth?
15:11 – How do you prepare to show the bald look to friends and family?
16:06 – Will shaving your head impact your dating life in early 20’s?
17:20 – What is my profession outside of YouTube?
17:27 – What’s my favourite football club?
17:52 – Was there a difference with women after shaving my head?
20:06 – Skinny jeans or tracksuit?
20:07 – How to deal with family making fun of your shaved head.
21:25 – What to do if you don’t have a thick beard?
22:10 – Thank you for helping my accept myself 🙏
23:14 – Is it bad for someone to get a hair transplant?
24:10 – What music do I like?
24:24 – What is better, Hair transplant or shaved head?
24:39 – How does it feel to have a positive impact on many lives?
25:18 – People say I don’t have a good head shape, what should I do?
26:20 – Best equipment to buzz the dome?
26:34 – What is my biggest regret in life?
28:00 – Have I studied anything?
28:17 – Has Baldcafe helped with my own self-esteem?
28:50 – What was the first razor you used to shave your head?
29:14 – How often do you shave your head?
29:50 – Fashion for Bald men.
30:32 – I shaved my head but people say I have a lot of hair left.
31:03 – What is the earliest you can go bald and look normal?
31:23 – What is your ultimate goal in life?
32:12 – When will there be a podcast for the Indian/Pakistani community?
32:23 – What’s next for Baldcafe?
33:32 – Does the shape of my head suit the bald and bearded look?
33:39 – Inspiration pictures for bald guys without beards.
34:05 – How to deal with a weird shaped head?
34:11 – Where would you be in life if you hadn’t lost your hair?
34:42 – Did you shed a lot of hair in the shower?
35:07 – What was your most difficult challenge when going bald?
35:56 – Does anyone make fun of you for being bald?

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