Asian heritage highlighted for brisasia festival in brisbane

Asian heritage highlighted for brisasia festival in brisbane

BRISBANE — It’s become fashionable to mock indigenous people, to call them idiots, but to celebrate Australia’s rich cultural heritage?

Well, the Australian Council for the Arts (ACAA) is hosting its annual brisasia festival Saturday and Sunday in Brisbane. The event is open to “everyone from beginners to serious art aficionados,” sa양산출장안마ys ACAA president Tim Wray.

The festival was created in 2007 to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Brissahr River, to highlight and showcase Australian cultural heritage to more international audiences. ACAA has also brought in new bands.

“To us, brisasia is an opportunity for all of us,” says Wray.

“Brisasia will take place over six days, with a full weekend of art exhibitions, musical performances and educational even포항안마ts. The weekend will include three workshops, four workshops and five music festivals.”

It’s also a fundraiser for the Burtons Children’s Fund, which provides emergency and primary care for those facing cancer and other serious health issues; the Burtons Children’s Centre helps families overcome adversity; and the Royal Children’s Hospital Burtons provides primary care for under-5 and pregnant women.

The festival will feature performances by a variety of international musicians, who are invited to perform in the festival area at least twice the normal capacity.

“Our primary artists focus mainly on the musical aspect of Brisasia,” says Wray. “We really encourage people to visit our online artist profile to see what music they’re most interested in attending.”

Tickets for the event go on sale today at More infor진주안마mation can be found at the ACAA’s Briskaasia Facebook page or at the Briskaasia website.

For more information on brisasia, contact ACAA president Tim Wray at


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