5 Tips To Prevent Hair Fall – In Telugu

5 Tips To Prevent Hair Fall – In Telugu

Dear Friends,
Follow the 5 Tips to Prevent Hair Fall
1. Balanced Diet
2. Break the Bad Habits
3. Oil Massage ( Weekly Twice)
– 2 Table spoons Coconut oil/Almond Oil/ Olive Oil – 2 Vitamin E Capsules
– 4 Indian Goose Berry (Amla) – 1 Lemon Juice
– 4 Indian Goose Berry (Amla) – Any Oil (Coconut/ Almond/Olive)
4. Rinse with Neem leaves water after head bath
5. Henna Pack
– ½ Cup Good Quality Heena (Mehandi) Power – 1 T.s Tea Powder – ½ T.S Coffee Poweder – 1 Lemon Juice – 1 T.S Almond Oil

Please find the Magical Hair Oil Preparation Recipe

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