30 days Hair Re-growth remedy| Stop hair fall Completely| Herbal-secret

30 days Hair Re-growth remedy| Stop hair fall Completely| Herbal-secret

Shedding hair can be one of the major reasons of losing self-confidence!.
“Our lifestyle” makes us even more prone to problem like hair fall, which ultimately leads to greater concern such as hair loss.

first, let’s discuss some common myths concerning hair fall, how hair growth works, and why hair fall occurs.

On average we lose around 80 strands a day, if you begin to shed significantly more than that, or you notice they aren’t growing back, well, that’s when things start to get a bit hairy.

there are two types of hair loss, genetic ,and reactive

There’s a chance you’re genetically prone to hair thinning, (alopecia) which means you may see a progressive, gradual reduction in hair volume, which can’t be avoided but can be controlled.
This means your hair loss is the result of a trigger. “Excessive daily hair shedding (which is know as telogen effluvium) is not reliant on having a genetic predisposition, it occurs as the result of an internal imbalance, nutritional deficiency such as VITAMIN b12 , severe stress, crash dieting or an illness such as anemic, thyroid, and others ” which can not only be controlled but also stopped completely.

Thought there are many chemical based products and aesthetic treatments that are marketed just to do this, it’s either harmful or expensive or sometimes very short lived.
I started reading various researches, on natural homemade hair loss treatment, and wanted to test it for myself for hair re gain, I had researched more than 10 different best treatments and had seen varied results, but two of them which stood out to be the best with impressive results is what I wanted to share with you, and the good news is, it cost nothing but my time, in finding the right one.

The first one which had immediate results was a hair mask made from, 2 table spoon fenugreek power, a cup of plain yogurt, and one whole egg.
Mix it and rest it for 30 minutes. apply on the scalp and the hair, and leave it for 30-45 minutes to get the vitals absorbed, then rinse it with any mild shampoo.
You might just notice immediately soft and silky hair, and if you repeat this regime once or twice a week you will see surprising results in a very short time.
The second one which helped, just not only hair fall but promoted hair growth, was curry leaves & coconut oil. Curry Leaves (Scientific Name : Murraya koenigii) are packed with carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, irons and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and traditionally the coconut oil for ages is known for best hair & skin treatments.
You can get curry leave commonly in any South Asian shop.
Recipe to make this simple herbal oil,
Take one cup of curry leaves, and two cups of coconut oil and boil it for 5 minutes (heating temperature) so the curry leave can infuse all its vitals into the oil. Cool it down and store it in a jar with the leaf’s in it.
Direction to use.
Apply this oil weekly twice at least an hour before shower or leave it overnight to see best results.


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